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Welcome to Service Dogs by SDMR (Service Dogs by Moore Retrievers, Inc.) ​ We are here to assist you with all your Service Dog needs.

Giving a Hand
What's discovery call?
A discovery call is where we set aside time to speak with you about your needs for a Service Dog and how a Service Dog could help you in your daily life!
How can I schedule
a Discovery Call?
Click the link below and schedule a time to meet with our Trainer, Alex!

Services We Offer

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Service Dog Training

From Diabetic Alert Dogs to Autism Service Dogs we have you covered! 

SDMR offers a hybrid owner-training program and a SD Program course, where we train the dog from 8 weeks - 1.5 years old. 

Service Dogs are task-trained canines to preform tasks to mitigate a persons disability. Here at SDMR you can work with a trainer and an amazing group of Client Service Representatives (CSRs) tp help you with best deciding how a Service Dog can help you with your daily life.

About Service Dogs by SDMR:

Service Dogs by Moore Retrievers (SDMR) founded by Mr. Alex in 2021 after running the Eastern Kentucky Service Dog Academy in Ashland, KY since 2018, is here to help you find and train a companion to assist you in your daily life.

SDMR is located in Louisa, KY and training is conducted by our highly skilled trainers on our farm in Fallsburg.


Our dedicated team is here for every step of the way to getting your Service Dog, whether it be a Diabetic Alert Dog or an Autism Service Dog, we're here!

Contact us today for more information. 

Contact Us

PO Box # 3
Louisa, KY 41230-0003

(859) 287-4562

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